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Private Award

Switzerland’s Global Prize for Quality Journalism


Organizer: Private Magazine

Contact: Norbert Bernhard:

Please note: .ch stands for Switzerland, not China (it means «confoederatio helvetica» or Swiss confederation in Latin).

The «Private Award for Quality Journalism» was established in Switzerland in 2002. Today, it is the most prestigious international journalism award in Europe. Under the name «Private Award – Switzerland’s Global Prize for Quality Journalism» it is now also open to English-language journalists from around the globe.


The «Private Award» aims at supporting, promoting and honoring outstanding achievements in journalism, especially business and finance.


  • Only full-time journalists may participate.
  • Submissions must have been published respectively broadcast in a public medium.
  • Submissions must have been published respectively broadcast in the 12 months prior to the closing date.
  • Submissions must focus on business and finance.
  • Journalists from all departments (business, sports, culture, politics, local, science, environment) may participate so long as their submissions focus on business or finance matters.
  • Participating media must have their own, independent editorial board and staff. •    Publications and broadcasts in customer magazines, sponsored media and the like are excluded.
  • Each applicant may enter 1 submission.
  • Team entries are allowed.
  • In this case, involved journalists may enter 1 additional individual submission each.
  • News organizations (newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations as well as online media) may participate with their overall editorial work.


Submissions may be made in the following genres:

  • News reporting
  • Documentaries
  • Investigative research
  • Consumer information and advice
  • Commentary

How to enter

  • Submissions must be made in the form of PDFs or Internet-links.
  • Print submissions which run over more than 1 page must be combined into 1 PDF.
  • News organizations which participate with their overall editorial work must include a cover letter outlining the reasons for their submission as well as 3 articles respectively broadcasts illustrating their case. The cover letter and the 3 articles respectively broadcasts must be combined into 1 PDF respectively 1 Internet-link. (A cover letter is not necessary for individual applications.)
  • Submissions must be sent to the secretary of the award, Norbert Bernhard:
  • All correspondence must be by e-mail only to
  • Submissions by post/mail are not accepted and not returned.

There are no participation or entry fees. Submissions are free.

Closing date

The closing date is April 1 of each year for submissions which were published respectively broadcast in the previous 12 months (April 1 to March 31).

Prize money

The «Private Award» is not about money. It's about the recognition and promotion of outstanding journalism. And about protecting the fourth estate from economic and political pressure. It is, therefore, a purely honorary award.

The decisions of the jury are final. There is no recourse to legal action and no right of appeal.